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Welcome to BULLBUCKS TRADERS ! Everyone knows that investing nowadays is the most reliable way not only to protect your assets in current rapidly changing market conditions, but to increase it! Facing this situation requires to choose the most reliable partner, that will help you in solving these and many other problems on your way to success.

BULLBUCKS TARDERS Group has the experience, skills performance, capability and qualified management to assist you in the handling of your funding requirements based on your specific needs. We have fund management solution specially in the high risk FOREX market as we offer a wide range of funds covering every investment options in different currencies. We provide a way that allows you to participate in worldwide markets without any complications, and invest the amounts you dispose. Our offer can satisfy all you requests, as we work for you!


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Forex Trading

The forex marketplace is where the currencies are traded. Currencies have code names which are vital due to the fact they permit the buy and sale of products and offerings in regional and overseas. The Exchange rate always fluctuates based on Demand and Supply. While you be busy with your work life and personal space, our Expert Traders shall be on a mission to build your Investments to reap you high profits.

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We provide Secure-Crowd Funding. It opens the window for people to invest privately.

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Our business strategy is unique and proven to be reliable and profitable

We always believe there is not a perfect robot in the world because patterns and charts always change. We will always adapt, keep up with the changes and upgrade the system the best possible manner to help you gain greater INVESTMENT returns. Robots are fixed and default, but creating a system that is flexible and adaptable is more proven result.

We work together with engineers to develop a system that is dynamic, adaptable, custom-made to the traders' needs and compatible with the brokers' system. With extensive research of the system, mixing and matching the combination of broker and state-of-the-art technology, the final solution delivered to you is the most ideal.

We believe it is risky to put "all eggs into one basket". Therefore, we offer a DIVERSE range of FOREX TRADING packages which enable you to "mix and match" and choose your trading that deemed to fit your budget and conscience. Rest assured you will have peace of mind, knowing we have a powerful money management system along with low risk trading that lets you earn money irrespective of the condition of the forex market.

We're the "Harvard" of FOREX TRADING. At the moment, we focus on small number of memberships, so we can give our full commitment to our members to ensure quality service. It's better we give QUALITY service than QUANTITY!

We identify, test and analyse the broker before accepting them our partner. Only brokers with proven track record and reliability are accepted. No bad paymaster, scams and non-performing partners. Only quality brokers are readily available to you anytime!

The planning of our INVESTMENT strategy is conducted by our pool of investment professionals and it is back tested on live accounts. No more trading manually. No more human emotions involved. No more account burst up. All systems go! And profitability comes!

Our solution system is made to perform. And so with everything in place, all you need is INVEST, see, wait and let the profits come in naturally!