About Us

BullBucksTraders is a Hedge Fund Trading platform incorporated on April 6, 2021; with headquarters in Wyoming, USA and Sub Headquarters in Edinburg, UK. BullBucksTraders core team has decades of experience in the forex market and individually we have been working down the grid from the past two years. From which we have gained momentum to step forward and make the idea a global venture in order to benefit every individual globally. Which in fact sums our part in global economic growth. As the world’s most-traded financial market, Forex presents a wealth of opportunities for those who step forward to invest. It is built to nourish and reap such investments. Whilst leveraging our vast expertise and knowledge, we have brought everything/everyone under one roof to solve Investor related problems in FOREX. For a secure future, you need to make a Smart Investment move.

We do Crowd Funding to trade on FOREX whilst caring for your importance and the wise choice you are making. We present ourselves as a digital transformation in compliance with the requisite regulatory frameworks as per USA/UK, which is in fact a highly secure and customer centric platform in order to bridge the gaps between your wealth and opportunities.

We are multi-asset brokers with a globally impressive history in the world of forex trading