Expert Team

Trading needs Experts and Devices, we have the Experts

Below we have drafted the Industry Best and our own who possess an unshakable sense of confidence and calculative risk taking methodology.

Thomas Wesley


Thomas Wesley is the Founder and CEO of BullBucksTraders, hailing from France. Born in the year 1969, he holds a master’s degree in Economics and Finance from University of Paris. He placed himself in a successful and strong position from the initial stages itself. He worked for many Globally reputed organizations. His willingness to help the younger generation on the FOREX platform and with a passion to grow as a global leader by imprinting his name in the global economy... As a revolutionary move, he founded BullBucksTraders. He was also mentioned multiple times in NY Times and other media platforms. In his 30 years of experience in Capital Markets and Acquisitions made him the most Influential Trader globally.

Mark Simon

Mark Simon was born on 1973 in Brooklyn, USA. He worked in a series of financial firms until he got placed in a Private Entity, which was the largest at its time. He was appointed as a Principal Trader with a $50 Million Hedge fund which he turned into millions in profits for the firm. Later, in the year 2018 he collaborated with BullBucksTraders as a Pilot team and has been working with all types of departments to streamline the firm. As he heard about the idea from the Founder, he showed keen interest on it and has been associated with BullBucksTraders from then on.

Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson started his career in Finance and previously worked as Board Director for Private Entities and Publicly Traded companies. His professional growth began when he made profits for a Multi National Company’s hedge fund during a Global Market Crash. He holds a master’s degree in Economics and Finance. He hails from London and has come across with BullBucksTraders in a Trade Summit. His vision and zeal towards trading made him get onboard with BullBucksTraders.

Martin Shwartz

Martin Shwartz is actually from a different field of study but due to a keen interest in Trading, he became a Top Tier in his city with self learning. His analytical and mathematical abilities were an add- on for his passion and made himself a Trading Tycoon, when he tripled his profits in a span of 8months. As Thomas knows him personally, he made him cope up with the firm slowly. Ever Since, Martin’s immense knowledge in markets was a boon for us to surge tremendously.

Bruce Kovner

Bruce Kovner was the founder of CMD Capital Holdings, transforming it into one of the successful hedge funds in the Sub Continent with more than $500 million in assets. In his tenure, he oversaw the firm's asset and corporate acquisition activity and mezzanine debt activity. When he was planning for a Global expansion, Thomas came across Bruce and their meeting went on to make him one of the top notch traders at BullBucksTraders.